Ageless Pizazz!® Counseling and Groups for Women 47 and Up

Boldly Express Your Passion, Power,

and Creativity As You Get Older

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Does aging bother you more than you’d like to admit?

Is aging affecting your self-image, your self-esteem, or your confidence?

Do you sometimes feel invisible around younger people?

Would you like to stay vibrant and creative all your life?

Welcome to Ageless Pizazz!® It’s an attitude that says “I love living and plan to go on loving and changing and expressing myself all my life. With passion!” . . . It’s the title of a forthcoming book on aging with gusto by Ariel L Adams . . .  And it’s the focus of counseling and workshops for women at midlife and beyond, designed to help you thrive as you encounter the challenges of aging, and empower you to boldly express your passion, power, and creativity as you get older.

Mission Statement:
The mission of Ageless Pizazz® is to empower us all to become not only more vibrant, powerful, and fulfilled, but more influential in the world.

Too many of us are so imprinted by the expectations our culture lays on us that we lose not only our feeling of personal power, but our sense of our own credibility — let alone wisdom! And our joy in sex, creativity, fun, and adventure diminishes. My purpose, as I continue to strengthen my own sense of self and my own vibrancy, and help other women strengthen theirs, is to develop a network of women to be models for what aging can be like, and to powerfully promote the culture of positive aging.

Counseling and Workshops with Ariel Adams, MFT
(lic. no. MFC 29451)



I can help you. Ageless Pizazz!® groups and individual counseling will guide you to:

Meet  the challenges of aging head-on

Transform pain, fear, and frustration into creative power

Get familiar with your inner creative self, and

Practice living your life from this inner source.

I offer a free 20-minute phone consultation. Call me at 510-841-1020


Ageless Pizazz® Drama Therapy Workshops 

Join with other women who insist on being creative and empowered as they get older. Share not only your pain and frustrations, but also the wisdom you have gained over your lifetime as we create an empowering synergy together.

You’ll learn techniques you can practice on your own to:

  • Tap into your creativity
  • Handle challenges, self-defeating beliefs, and painful emotions, and
  • Be more effective in your life.

To explore the possibilities for individual or group counseling, click HERE to schedule a time to talk with Ariel.